The key to our life and community is who we are. We are a welcoming place with a true sense of belonging. We are a place to put down roots. We are proud of our success in cultivating a culture of kindness. That is the ethos, the culture that flourishes at Clairmont Place. 

        Integral to our culture is our caring and committed staff. Twenty-seven of our staff have worked at Clairmont Place for over ten years, and fifteen for over twenty years, and six for over twenty-five years. 




  At Clairmont Place we are surrounded by nature. Our 16-acre Clairmont Place campus is beautifully landscaped and adjoins a county park. Our lake, with its gazebo, is a splendid asset. The South Peachtree Creek PATH Foundation Trail runs along our lake, connecting the Emory campus to Mason Mill Park. The PATH provides marvelous access to Emory, Williams Library, and points beyond, without encountering any traffic or crossing any streets.   




    Clairmont Place hosted a festive grand opening on March 30, 1989. The first newsletter, called “The Clairmont Companion,” appeared in October 1989 with the following lead article: 

Share the Clairmont Spirit!

The Clairmont spirit is one of sharing: common interests, similar lifestyles, new and old friendships. It’s independent living in a setting that facilitates both sociability and privacy. It is a spur-of-the-moment excursion to a favorite lunch spot with a neighbor, or an evening walk around the lake with a group of other avid exercisers. Above all, the spirit of Clairmont Place is happiness – the product of a relaxed lifestyle of worry-free comfort and friendly companionship. The residents of Clairmont Place offer their greetings!

Thirty years later that Clairmont Spirit remains vitally important to our community. It is a spirit that flourishes throughout the community, among residents and also among employees. As new employees arrive, we welcome them to our community. We believe that when employees thrive at work they provide optimal service to our residents. It is simply more enjoyable for all. 


    Just what do we mean by “independent living?” Independent living is for residents who do not require assistance with daily activities or skilled nursing, but who may benefit from convenient services, easy access to activities, and increased social opportunities. Independent living at Clairmont Place means that residents live in their own condominiums, which they furnish and decorate and renovate and repair. There is a greater simplicity of life here than in a single-family house in suburbia. Cooking (and grocery shopping) are minimal because lunch and dinner are served in the dining room. Our staff driver is available for shopping trips, doctor appointments, restaurant reservations, and exciting excursions. Some residents choose to live in the Clairmont Place community simply for the social aspect of being with people their own age and easily engaging in activities with neighbors. It is easy to come downstairs and hear the youth choir perform or attend exercise class. It is also easy to go back to the condominium for privacy. 

   If a resident needs help with daily tasks such as taking medication or dressing or bathing, the resident either hires a private caregiver (usually a certified nursing assistant) or moves to the resident-owned personal care home located next to the condominiums, Montclair. Montclair provides three meals a day,  and a variety of activities to its residents, and is staffed 24/7 by certified nursing assistants.